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Back Drape Necklace

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Several months ago, a new boutique opened in Lake Las Vegas’ Monte Lago Village – Si Mee Collections. I can admire the beautiful clothing in the windows from my 3rd floor balcony. My husband, always the enabler, suggested we go in. It didn’t take long to find the summer dress I would take home with me. As we were checking out, the cashier (who turned out to be the owner / designer’s daughter) mentioned that the jewelry in the store was all created by local artists. And thus my collaboration with Rosemarie Macklin began.

I was fortunate in not only being able to collaborate, but Rosemarie also took the time to mentor me in some design concepts. Her enthusiastic guidance has given me wings.

Our first collaboration was this back drape necklace – made especially for the open back dress as seen in the picture.

The back drape necklace was stunning with Rosemarie’s elegant design. I could not have been more pleased.


Back Drape Necklace

Later, Rosemarie requested another back drape necklace to go with a pink open back dress. Here is a picture of the design in progress. The mannequin made making this type of necklace easier.

I’ve learned much since meeting Rosemarie, and am honored to call her my friend.

As my singer-songwriter friend, Antsy McClain, has said, “It’s a way cool world!”

Back Drape Necklace

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