Make Sure You Have Enough Beads!

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Thank I’ve started a new jewelry set. This will make the 7th set since I began making jewelry in sets. I was encouraged by a clothing designer who commissioned some work from me to make sets. Although my business with her is complete for the moment, I find myself still thinking in terms of sets. Doing so, creates a little self-discipline in the creative process, and makes me think in terms of the overall look that can be created when jewelry, clothing, and makeup come together. And yet each piece needs to stand alone as well.


I always start with the necklace, because it is likely to be the first piece to catch a person’s attention. Then I dress Daisy (my mannequin torso) in a coordinating top to see how the necklace looks. This one is a keeper!

Before going on to the earrings and bracelet, I had to order more beads though. I have a habit of impulse-buying a strand of this or that because it’s pretty, figuring I’ll use it on down the line. That much is true. But if I’m going to make a set, one strand is almost never enough. I need to make sure I pick up two strands!

This time, it was the leaf beads in the second strand that I needed more of.  I was worried that I wouldn’t find them since I’d purchased them quite awhile ago. It did take some searching, but I found a seller that still had them. Whew!

The leaf beads arrived yesterday. Yay! On to the bracelet and earrings!

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