Showcase Sunday: MandaSteeleCreations

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I have a budding interest in learning to make wire-woven jewelry. Gotta love the hashtags on Instagram! My hashtag search for wire-weaving brought me to Manda. I’ve been watching as piece after lovely piece has rolled through my feed. I was so pleased when she agreed to be part of Showcase Sunday!

1. Tell us about your art.

I make jewelry! I mainly make pendants with wire woven bezels around cabochons, which is a shaped and polished gemstone. I use different metal wires, mainly copper or silver (plated, filled, or sterling) to weave patterns with the wire and then wrap around stone cabochons, sometimes I use glass or resin cabochons. I make other styles of pendants, simple wire weave/wire wrap rings, and bracelets with different styles (like simple macrame with beads, beads on memory wire, stretch bead bracelets, beads on beading wire with a clasp).

2. How long have you been making jewelry?

I first made jewelry when I was a young kid. I would dabble in it here and there as a teen and young adult. I have different hobbies I enjoy and go back and forth between them, jewelry making being one of them. I’ve been more serious about it in recent years.

3. How did you get started?

I come from a creative family, so I’m fortunate I was exposed to different forms of art at a young age. I made bracelets and necklaces here and there through out my teens and as a young adult. As I got older, I started making jewelry and other handmade gifts for family members for holidays and birthdays. I find a lot of enjoyment in making jewelry and became more serious about it in recent years. I decided in late 2017 to start an online shop and offer my items for sale. It took a couple months of practicing and making different pieces of jewelry (and talking myself into doing it!) but I finally opened my Etsy shop up in 2018.

4. Is it your main gig?

Yes, right now I focus my free time on jewelry making. I do have other hobbies I enjoy and would like to incorporate them into jewelry making in the future or to offer them for sale.

5. Do others participate in the jewelry making process?

While I make all my jewelry and pick out a majority of the supplies, my husband helps with picking out stones and other supplies. He also gives me input on design and the final product, which is welcomed and appreciated!

6. What inspires you?

Nature inspires me! I love looking at nature in general but it comes in handy when wrapping a wire tree or leaf, making a rose ring, and weaving a turtle pendant. Other jewelry artists are inspiring! There is so much talent out there and am amazed by it everyday.

7. What do you love most in regard to your art?

I love having a creative outlet and the support I get, whether it’s a compliment/comment, sharing my jewelry on social media or with a friend, buying a piece of jewelry, etc. It makes me so happy when someone likes/loves something I’ve made. And I get super excited when someone loves an item so much that they purchase it or when someone asks me to make them a custom piece!

8. What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge would be pricing my items. I’ve used different formulas but the ‘retail’ price seems a little high to me so I set my own price. It’s a battle of ‘Is it too high?’ Or ‘Is it too low?’ I want my prices to be affordable yet I don’t want to undervalue myself.

—> BijouBeadBoutique: I can so relate to this!

9. Do you have a favorite quote?

I love quotes so I have many favorites! But one that comes to mind a lot is ‘Keep moving forward!’ from the movie Meet The Robinsons. When my son was younger, we would watch that movie a lot! And I say it to myself a lot when I’m experimenting with a different design and fail at what I’m trying to accomplish. Keep moving forward!


10. Do you have a website (or social media sites) where people can connect with you?

I sell items on Etsy at MandaSteeleCreations

—> BijouBeadBoutique: Even if you’re not ready to buy, take a look! So much eye candy there.

I also sell items through my social media and accept orders for custom jewelry. The best places to message me about a custom order is either Etsy or Facebook.You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter.

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