Showcase Sunday: Lisbanette

Showcase Sunday: Lisbanette

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Today’s Showcase Sunday is with Lisbanette, a jewelry designer from Sweden. Although she sells only within Sweden (international shipping can be so cost-prohibitive), I have been admiring her work on Instagram for months, and want to share!

Something else I admire about Lisbanette is how well she speaks a second language. Her English is very, very good. I so wish I could speak a second language! I applaud her willingness to participate in this interview in a non-native language.

1. Tell us about your art.

I just love creating. The way I express myself has altered over time though. Painting, gardening, sewing, making dreamcatchers, making suncatchers, and now making jewelry.

2. How long have you been making jewelry?

I started three years ago.

3. How did you get started?

I wanted to make jewelry for myself. I loved it so much! Soon I had so much jewelry, I had to start to sell.

Bijoubeadboutique: Much like my own story.

4. Is it your main gig? Or do you have other hobbies or jobs?

I also make suncatchers and dreamcatchers, and grow perennials. Growing perennials is so much fun. I watch the small plants grow until they get a new home or fit into our garden. We have a garden that we always remake. A great way to create!

5. Do others participate in your jewelry making process?

No, it is just me.

6. What inspires you?

The garden, weather, moods, and the stones themselves.

7. What do you love most in regard to your art?

I love the moment of creation, me and the stones.

8. What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challange is to once in a while put the jewelry aside to make more suncatchers and sew more.

Bijoubeadboutique: I am betting so many creative types can relate to this!

9. Do you have a favorite quote?

It is from a poem by the great swedish poet Karin Boye: ”Move on, move on! The new day is dawning. Endless is our great adventure”

Bijoubeadboutique: I love this!

10. Do you have a website and/or social media sites where people can connect with you?

Yes! I have Instagram, Facebook, and my website.

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