Make A List Monday #2

It’s Monday again, and time to take stock. First off let’s see how we did with last week’s goals:

– Get the Moment of Whimsy post ready.

✅ I not only got last week’s Moment of Whimsy post ready, I got next week’s done too.

– List the newest jewelry set in the shop.

❌ Nope. That task will have a spot on this week’s list. I’m trying to consider why I didn’t get this task done. It basically comes down to the fact that playing with beads is more fun than any other part of the process.

– Finish the beaded belt I am making for myself.

✅ Yes! Look out for a post entitled: The Beaded Belt that Wasn’t!

– Finish the current jewelry set.

❌ Nope, but for reasons that did not stem from negligence. I had to order some connectors in order to finish. They have just arrived.

Desert Sage Earrings

– Introduce my new linkup party, Creative Compulsions.

✅ Yes! In fact I’ve spent quite a bit of time introducing it around, and have a couple who have linked up so far  The only requirement for linking up is that it must be something you’ve created. Artists can share from their blogs, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Creative Compulsions goes live every Thursday.

– Preparing next weekend’s Sunday Showcase.

✅ Yes! Be sure to give Lisbanette’s jewelry creations a look!

Showcase Sunday: Lisbanette

On to the coming week:

1. Get the latest completed jewelry set in the shop.

2. Finish the jewelry set on which I am currently working.

Desert Sage Earrings

3. Write a post: The Belt That Wasn’t.

4. Join the St. Patrick’s Day blog hop at Earrings Everyday, which requires creating something green and blogging about it. I just found out about the blog hop yesterday morning, so I am hoping I can get in under the deadline, before the blog hop closes.

5. Prepare this Thursday’s Creative Compulsions linkup party.

6. Prepare next Sunday’s Sunday Showcase.

7. Start working on taxes – yes I do them (and my mom’s) myself. I realize taxes are in no way related to being creative, but I mention it because they interfere with creativity!

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