Make A List Monday #3


michelle Artisan Jewelry

Happy Monday!

So how did I do last week? We shall see!

1. Get the new jewelry set listed in the shop.

✅ Done & done!

Oasis Dreams Jewelry Collection

2. Finish the jewelry set on which I’m currently working.

❌ For the second week in a row, I have to say this is not complete. I made the earrings shown below awhile back, and decided to make a necklace to go with them. In my head, the picture seems relatively simple, but this necklace is giving me fits. I’ve tried two modifications, neither has been that great, and I’ve discovered another problem.

Desert Sage Earrings

3. Write a post: The Belt That Wasn’t

✅ Yes! You can read it here.

4. Join the Earrings Everyday St. Patrick’s Day blog hop.

✅ Yes! Leaping Greenly: Earrings for Spring.

5. Prepare Thursday’s Creative Compulsions link up party.

✅ Yes!

Creative Compulsions Linkup Party

6. Prepare next Sunday’s Showcase.

✅ Yes! Check out the interview with Nora of Ahki Design Jewelry.

7. Start income taxes.

✅ Yes. One set down (my mom’s); one set to go.

On to the coming week:

1. Determine what do with my uncooperative necklace project. Try other modifications? Take it apart and start over?

2. Get The Moment of Whimsy post ready.

3. Get the Creative Compulsions post ready.

4. Make something and write a post about it so that I can participate in my own Creative Compulsions on Thursday. 🤣

5. List the earrings entered in the St Patrick’s Day blog hop in my shop.

6. Prepare next weekend’s Sunday Showcase. Here’s a sneak peek:

7. Finish the taxes.

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