Learning Isn’t Pretty

With the jewelry set I’ve been trying to finish for the last two weeks on the back-burner as I await for the delivery of yet another connector that will hopefully solve my problem, I decided to return to my long term project: learning how to make wire-wrapped jewelry. I am finding that YouTube is my friend in this endeavor.

Last week, I ordered a couple cabochons: a blue lace agate and a fossilized coral known at a Petoskey Stone.


I used this video created by Oxana Crafts as my guide. Here is a picture of her finished product. Lovely isn’t it?

She does an excellent job at showing every step, giving the exact lengths of wire needed, and made it look simple. It’s not. As a beginner, I feel like I’m all thumbs.

She used half round wire. While it makes sense if I’d thought about it, the half round wire is really flimsy, and it takes a lot of work to keep it from twisting. I finally decided I was too inexperienced to manage the half round. I dug out my round wire and used it. I discovered that I should have used longer lengths for the round than was needed for the half round. Also, something that makes sense if you stop and think about it.

So here is my version:

Petoskey Stone

It’s okay to laugh! Let’s just say, it was a great learning experience……  Besides my inexpert rendition, I don’t like the wires going across the front. It would probably be fine on the agate, but it conflicts the fossil pattern on this piece. I’ve already removed the wire from this cabochon.

I’m just glad copper is cheap.

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