Desert Sage, A Work-in-Progress

Desert Sage Necklace in Progress

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Works-in-progress is usually a term associated with quilting, because completing a quilt is a rather lengthy process, and most quilters have several quilt projects going at the same time (except my mom who stays totally focused). But I have had so much trouble completing the necklace that is supposed to go with these earrings and bracelet:

Desert Sage Earrings

There are three problem areas:

The areas near the magnetic clasp are just too messy for my liking.

And the center connector is proving problematic as well. The jump rings, while fitting through the holes of the connector with no problems are still bulky enough to bind up.

So, I ordered these lovely connectors:

Sadly, they won’t be used in this project, as these connectors are too fat for the jump rings.

Time to regroup and order something else. I ordered two options for the center connector:

Hopefully, one of them will prove satisfactory, or I’ll be ordering something else and setting the progress back another week. (Or I may start over completely!) I also ordered some thinner brass rings, which I hope will clean up the mess near the magnetic clasp.

I am hoping to wrap this necklace up in the next few days. Wish me luck!

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