The World from Above

Every April, my husband and I make the journey to Austin, TX to meet up with my step-daughter and enjoy the MotoGP races at the Circuit of the America’s track. It’s the only MotoGP in America; the other MotoGP races occur in a variety of countries throughout the world. The last one was in Argentina.

I never tire of looking at the world from above:

Leaving Las Vegas

Lake Mead

Also Lake Mead

Looking at the world from 37,000 feet.

Coming into Austin

It really is a Bijou Life

I’ll be linking to Skywatch Friday!
Mosaic Monday at Letting Go of the Bayleaf

12 replies on “The World from Above

  • Angie

    Michelle – Austin is a town with so much to offer. We visited there several times when we lived in McAllen, TX, and now we have a niece that lives there. Hope to visit again sometime. Enjoy your trip, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday. Come back again soon!

    • Michelle

      It really is a neat town. Love the bars and restaurants on Rainey street! I also found a bead shop, Bead It, at Oltorf & Lamar. Quirky place with lots of unique beads. We usually fly out right after the races, but had an extra day there this time.

  • Jennifer Wise

    I love the view from above, too. One of my favorite places to fly into is Portland, Oregon, because you go right past Mt. Hood, which is gorgeous, and if it’s a clear day you can see 5 mountain tops in Washington, too, including Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. One of the most interesting places I’ve ever flown into was Mexico City. I know it’s a big city, but seeing it from above… it just went on and on as far as I could see, which was amazing. Thanks for sharing at #heartandsoullinkup

    • Michelle

      The sights you described sound wondrous! I hope to see them at some time. Another interesting sight is the vast ocean when flying to Hawaii. At that point it really hit me how big the planet is – flying for hours and seeing nothing below but the sea.

  • Mary

    I have never been to Austin but I have traveled across the Atlantic ocean more than a few times. It can feel so otherworldly up there when there are only clouds below and the sun is setting.


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