Showcase Sunday: BuddyLuv’s Crochet

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I have met so many wonderful artisans through Instagram and Nadine Johnson of BuddyLuv’s Crochet is one of them. She has some mad crochet skills and creates the most adorable pieces!

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

Meet Nadine! I’m totally loving the hat!

1. Tell us about your crochet.

What can I say about crochet?! I love it! Point, blank, period. It allows me to be creative & so happy when I look back & say I made that!

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

2. How long have you been crocheting?

I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 years old lol. So that makes it 36 yrs this year!

3. How did you get started?

I learned in after school program. A counselor came up to my best friend & I and asked if we’d like to learn to crochet & showed us shiny hooks. We were so excited! My love for the craft has grown ever since.

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

OMG! These are so adorable!

4. Is it your main gig?

I’m a stay at mom now for the past 4yrs, I had a 9-5 in NY for 18 years & left when my husband moved us to NC. I opened my shop a year ago this past March. This is definitely my main gig. I’m very passionate about crochet & I’m constantly perfecting my skillset.

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

5. Do others participate in the process?

I do all of the crocheting. I have a very supportive husband who has built my studio at home so that I can have the creative space I need to be successful. My family is a huge help in my creative process & making sure I have all I need to crochet & build my business. They’re also my models, testing my wares out for me! Lol

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

6. What inspires you?

My family, they’re my whys. My husband, who is into woodworking & other makers, I love to see what their minds create. It lets me know that they’re so many possibilities. We just have to go for it.

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

7. What do you love most in regard to your crocheting?

I love how rhythmic it is. It calms me & I’m still utterly amazed that I can turn string into things! I love that! It keeps me in awe, that my hands do this.

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson

8. What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I face is the fight with myself. It has taken me so long to get to this place because of fears I’ve had about putting myself out there, being vulnerable. As much as I’ve grown, it’s still hard ignoring that fear when new challenges arise. But this time I fight back.

9. Do you have a favorite quote?

I’m always saying fear & faith can’t exist at the same time. I’m sure it’s said more eloquently but the gist of it is true. You can not do both simultaneously, they just cancel each other out.

BijouBeadBoutique: That makes a lot of sense.

BuddyLuv’s Crochet - Nadine Johnson
10. Do you have a website and/or social media sites where people can connect with you?

Absolutely! I can reached via email, dm or messager. My links are:


When Nadine hits 3000 followers on Instagram, she is doing a giveaway – and she is getting close. Let’s help her get over the top!


Etsy shop:

I urge you to take a look at Nadine’s Etsy Shop. She has more lovely crocheted items there!

Nadine wanted to be sure to give shout out to the pattern designers:
Crochet Cat Slouchy hat designer @persialou
The Muir Luxury beanie designer @4millimeterdesigns
Owl keychains pattern by Yarn Artist Designs via Ravelry
Shark & Mer-Magical backpacks designer @crazy4crochetmomma
Unisex Crochet Ribbed Ski Mask designer @bagodaycrochet

I’ll be partying at these link parties all week.

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