Blue Lace Agate Pendant

Blue Lace Agate Wire-wrapped Pendant

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I present my third attempt at creating a wire-wrapped pendant. It is an improvement over my previous efforts! I’m pretty proud of this one. And yet…..

In looking at the front of the pendant (pics 1 & 2), I thought I was finished with the pendant, when I decided rather than have curlicues on both sides of the pendant, I’d move one set to the front. Better!

But the other issue on the front of the pendant, is that the bezel does sit tight against the stone. I probably should have used 4 wires rather than 5. Also the nature of the pattern makes for a very stiff (and beautiful) weave. The stiffness made it difficult to wrap it tightly over the front.

I am still working to make the weave smooth. And while the stone won’t fall out, it still has some movement. That could be remedied through a different wire configuration on the back of the stone.

I’ll likely take this one apart eventually. But for now, I’ll put it with the others. I find my handful of pendants inspiring.

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  1. Hey Michelle! You’re right about the bezel not hugging the cabochon. Also, I just love the back as the front because of the long, up-swept curls. It adds much interest. I thought that was the front at first. You said you might take it apart, but think about listing trial/practice designs and products that don’t pass your quality control as clearance or bargains at greatly reduced prices. Might open up more sales because some people don’t mind the imperfections.

    Only thing though, you might not want someone who sees them to think they are representative of your skills. I guess it’s different for jewelry-crafting vs papercrafting and artwork. Easier to offer those types of imperfect products at greatly slashed prices. Have a nice weekend. BTW, great wire-wrapping! Sandi

    1. Thanks so much. Sandi! And great suggestion! I will likely take it apart, because it just doesn’t due justice to the pretty agate. But I have some old necklaces lying around……

  2. Michelle – love the contrast of the agate and the wire. I appreciate that you have shared your journey with this piece – I admire anyone that is willing to admit they are not pleased with a result, and yet still shows it to us! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Thank you so much! I find writing and sharing my prototypes failures helps me not get too hung up on it and enables to move on to the next attempt.

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