Wire-weaving Success! Finally!

Wire woven amazonite pendant

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It has taken me four attempts to create a wire-woven pendant with which I am satisfied thrilled. If you are interested in looking back at my previous attempts, you can see them here, here, and here. This one meets all the criteria – both the front and back look pretty and the stone does not move. Getting the stone to not move is harder than I imagined.

I love the way the bright copper looks with the Amazonite. I wish it would stay that way! But alas, copper tarnishes, so for selling purposes, it’s better to go ahead and antique it. That way no one is disappointed.

This success has only whetted my appetite for wire-weaving.

Happy Creating – whatever your passion!

Wire-weaving Success!

I’ll be partying at these blog hops all week!

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  1. I like it antiqued – very pretty. I didn’t realize that was hard to do but I can imagine trying to get the stone not to move would be hard

    1. Thank you! The hardest part is getting started. Trying to manage all the wires feels like herding cats and you need a couple of extra hands. Once the weave is going it gets better.

  2. That’s pretty. I read your comment on my Hand Tacked Strawberry Mug Rug. After reading the fun name on your blog, I had to drop in and check it out.

  3. That is such a stunning piece Michelle. I cannot imagine how you can twist the wire around and make it look like a weaved basket. Beautifully done!

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