Spring in the Desert

I love flowers! And I’ve been enjoying all the Spring garden posts – mainly from areas of the country that get rain. We get 4.5 inches per year here. Nonetheless Spring has come to Southern Nevada as well. While the native plants do bloom – I saw a blooming prickly pear as we sped by on the motorcycle the other day – but most Spring bloomers here are watered by residents. It is the ability of the plant to withstand our blazing sun and 115F degree summers that determine which plants survive and thrive here.

Except for the Palo Verde tree, all of the pictures were taken in my mom’s garden.

Desert trees

Desert trees: Desert Willow (upper left)  Meyer’s Lemon (lower left), Palo Verde (right)


Desert Willow

Desert Willow is so pretty, I had to take its photo twice!

Desert flowers

Desert ground covers / huggers: Dwarf Bottlebrush (top), mystery plant (bottom left), Dwarf Rose (bottom right)

Dwarf Rose

Close up of dwarf rose.

Bougainvillea & Red Yucca

Bougainvillea and Red Yucca


Thank you for joining me on this tour through our Spring garden in the desert. I’ll be partying at these linkups all  week.

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