I am loving learning to do wire-weaving! Such a sense of creativity and possibilities. But the wire-weaving is not the be all, end all for my endeavors. I began learning so that I could create beautiful pendants for my necklaces.

Here is the first pendant I made with which I was satisfied. Pendant number 5. If you’d like to see my failed attempts, look here, here, here, and here.

Wire-weaving Success!

Besides the lovelyamazonite pendant stone purchased from InfinitygemsStore on Etsy, I had picked up some amazonite chips through a different Etsy shop, SBBeadsandCrafts, and a strand of square amazonite beads at the Bead Expo. Often, I just buy beads I like and hope they will be useful at some point. This time, I hit the jackpot: I was good to go on the multi-strand necklace I envisioned. I made the three strands, then realized I was lacking any large copper bead cones. I decided to try and make one – a prototype:

Wire-wrapped bead cone

Wire-wrapped bead cone








It came out beautifully! I was amazed my idea actually worked! But because I thought it was just to be a proto-type, not something I would actually use, I had not paid attention to the length of wire I used. I had no way to duplicate it. (Although, I did try – and fail.)

At this point, I decided that I didn’t want the necklace to be all perfect symmetry anyway. (I’ll never know if that was a valid creative decision or laziness on my part in not wanting to continue to try and replicate the bead cone yet again.) But here is the finished necklace:

I am beyond pleased with this necklace.

For my fellow wire-weavers:
-The pendant is wrapped with 20 gauge and 26 gauge dead soft, raw copper wire.
-The bead cone is made with 18 gauge and 26 gauge dead soft, raw copper wire.

This necklace will eventually be put in my store – unless I decide to keep it for myself. 😄

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