A Bead Wire-Weave or The Wire-Weave that Ate Chicago

Wire-wrapped bead

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The first bead I’ve wire-wrapped:

I’ve watched a few YouTube videos on the subject. The interesting thing about wire-wrapping a bead is that because it’s very easy to secure the wire, it’s also easy to be really creative with the wire.

Working with brass wire is a bit different than the copper; it is, for lack of a better description, “springier.” I’ve learned that some patterns are are better left for copper. Like the one circled in blue:

The long wraps in the pyramid pattern want to spring out of position. So I probably won’t use it with the brass again.

I’m toying with ideas to use this extravagant wrap as a pendant. Stay tuned.

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  1. do you have to hold on to the bead the whole time you are wrapping it or do you have the bead secured to something and not in your hand as you are working? it looks complicated

    1. When you first start, you make a length of straight weave. No bead involved. When it’s the length you want, you start curving it around the bead, and put one of the foundation wires through the bead which helps hold it. Next time I do one of these, I’ll take photos along the way, so you can see the steps. It’s a good question!

  2. That is really beautiful! And the time it takes to wrap the bead takes some serious patience it looks like. Bravo for you. I don’t have to patience for it but wow did it turn out amazing! #MMBC

  3. Michelle – practice makes perfect, although this looks pretty perfect to me! I agree with other readers that some step-by-step pictures would be very intriguing! Thanks for sharing your artistry with Mosaic Monday!

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