Redstone Picnic Area

Lake Mead National Park

Michelle My Bijou Life ,

Since my husband retired last fall, we have discovered that we no longer need two vehicles. We decided to sell the two we have: a 2 seat Fiat Spider 124 and a Honda CRV. We replaced them with one car that is kind of in between: a Mini Cooper.

2019 Mini Cooper

We count ourselves lucky that we live on the edge of Lake Mead National Park. Such a lovely place to take a drive – and the new car was a good reason to avail ourselves of its rugged beauty.

Lake Mead National Park

Photos taken at Redstone Picnic area:

Lake Mead National Park

The area is aptly named, is it not?

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    1. We really love it here! That’s exactly what happened to my husband’s car. We put only 900 miles on it last year. And he has motorcycle which is often his preference. So, time for a change.

  1. Michelle – good for you to make such a significant change, and one that should help the environment. I wish we could get down to one vehicle, but we live too far from town and have too many diverse interests … Love the red rock country, and so happy to have you share your collages with Mosaic Monday!

  2. Like your new car. Looks like a fun and beautiful place to explore. We are coming to visit Southwest destinations in our new RV next fall. We’ll take a look at the Lake Mead National Park. – Margy

  3. Yay, glad you love your Mini Cooper, In a former life I have worked on nightshift making Mini’s! What a beautiful place to take it for a spin!
    Wren x

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