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Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

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Wire-wrapped bead

When I first created this wire wrapped pendant, I wasn’t at all sure that I liked it. That often happens to me. Something about the trials and tribulations of making the pendant cloud my objectivity. The harder it was to make, the more certain I am that it’s hideous. But I’ve learned to set these items aside and ignore them for a bit. It’s amazing what a few days or weeks will do to change my perspective. (I have a photographer friend who says the same thing happens to her.)

When I did return to this pendant, it still struck me as being a bit unusual, but I no longer found it wanting. I decided to make a necklace for it. (Still more waiting while I ordered raw brass beads.)

The resulting necklace:

Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

Daisy, my mannequin is wearing one of my favorite dresses.

Wire-wrapped Indonesian Bead Necklace

I then realized I had a pair of earrings I’d made months earlier that would coordinate.

It was this series of photos that made me decide this necklace and the earrings were meant for me. It’s funny, I started making jewelry because I couldn’t find what I liked. Then I got wrapped up in selling jewelry, and even when I liked something, I put it in the shop. Not this one. It’s staying with me.

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  1. I agree with your photographer friend. I feel the same way with some of my paintings and photography as well. Stepping away helps so much. The necklace is really beautiful. Love the colours you used and amazing design! I am glad you are keeping this one 🙂


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