Memorial Weekend & Woodflock 10

Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

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Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

We spent Memorial Weekend ensconced among the redwoods of the Sierra Nevadas at Woodflock 10. What is Woodflock? It’s a musical festival put on annually by Antsy McClain. Who is Antsy McClain? With 20 albums to his name, Antsy is one of the most prolific indie artists you’ve never heard of. But that’s the way it is with independent artists, isn’t it? They do music their way – not fitting into the mainstream music model dictated by the big music companies. Usually, people find out about them by word of mouth. If you are lucky, a friend recommends them, and your music world expands. Antsy’s music is like being with that favorite friend with whom you share your secrets and giggle uncontrollably.

Antsy McClain & the Troubadours, Woodflock 10

Attending Woodflock has been our pipeline to new indie artists. Each of the three nights of the festival – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – a new indie artist performs with Antsy & the Troubadours following. It’s 3-4 hours of concert(s) each night, often followed by a jam session with anyone who wants to participate. Friday night featured Mike McNevin with Pat McClellan, a returning favorite. It was their third Woodflock appearance. Mike’s songs are like being wrapped in a warm blanket while he tells you a story.

Michael McNevin singer-songwriter, Woodflock 10

Saturday night featured Rachel Garlin, a solo singer-songwriter. Her beautiful music is poignant with an occasional touch of humor.

Rachel Garlin singer-songwriter

Sunday night brought Late for the Train to the stage, a lovely modern bluegrass sound whose lyrics take a feeling and create a painting.

Sourdough Slim performed Sunday afternoon. As I was a bit under the weather, I missed his performance. However, my husband attended.

Sourdough Slim - Woodflock 10

So attendees camp for the weekend, while renewing friendships with other Woodflockers – aka Flamingoheads. The price of admission also includes a catered breakfasts and dinners throughout the weekend, song-writing workshops with the artists, guided meditation, and lots of fun.

Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

This was our first year at Camp Tehama. The scenery was outstanding. Already looking forward to Woodflock 11!

Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

Woodflock 10 with Antsy McClain & the Troubadours

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    1. Yes. It is ours, although we are selling it. Turns out we don’t use it as much as we thought we would. Great little camper though. 😄

    1. Thank you! It really is a beautiful area. I wish I’d been able to get a photo of the bear that crossed the road in front of us. But it was unexpected and he was really moving.

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. We know a couple who somehow knows about lesser known artists and groups and we have gone to see them play and they are wonderful and loyal followers plus they are first rate musicians who will actually talk with you and let you pet their dog after the concert.

  2. Although our taste in music may be different, we are still both music lovers. Your weekend surrounded by both kinds of beauty, both visual and oral sounds delightful. I enjoyed your descriptions of each musician.

  3. This looks awesome! I can’t deal with the hassle of big concerts anymore, but this looks perfect. Love to see up-and-coming acts too in small venues. Sourdough Slim looks like a hoot!

    1. My husband and I still do regular concerts – we live in Vegas. Almost all bands wind up hear eventually. LOL. But I much prefer these indie bands and the intimate venue.

  4. Woodflock sounds like so much fun, it’s great you can get food and watch some great performances in such a beautiful and relaxed setting. I know my husband would attend if he could, he loves his music.

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