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My jewelry making hobby has evolved into a wire-weaving. I am having a blast! But I have found that when learning a new technique or planning a new piece, I need to take a break and let my mind work on it behind the scenes. And yet my fingers still need to be busy. I have added crocheting to my repertoire.

I am not starting from scratch; I used to crochet 25 years ago or so. I visited Ravelry in search of a simple baby blanket pattern to renew my skills. I chose the Cosy Stripe Blanket by Lucy of Attic24 She uses multiple colors whereas I used a variegated yarn.



I am making progress and feeling more comfortable. It’s a lot of fun!

When this baby afghan is finished, I will be donating it to Project Linus. A double win – doing something I enjoy and giving to those who need some extra help.

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  1. I really like Lucy’s patterns the one I made this winter was hers and like you I didn’t like changing color so often and think the next one I make I will do a variegated color so I won’t have to constantly change colors I went to look at the one you are doing I like it!

  2. I know what you mean about letting your mind work on one (or several) project(s) while keeping your hands busy with another! I usually have 2-4 ongoing projects at a time. I love your crochet blanket! The variegated colors are making it quite lovely.

    1. Thank you! I was fortunate that the variegated yarn has worked out so well with the pattern. Glad to know I’m not the only one who needs more than one hobby!

    1. I admire those who can knit. I have made flat items like scarves and afghans, but anything else is intimidating. I got lucky with the yarn. It’s working out really well with the pattern.

    1. Thank you! And I know as far as having a crochet addiction! I keep seeing all these things I’d like to make that are way beyond my ability at this point. LOL!

  3. Crochet is very relaxing isn’t it? Once you know your pattern it’s nice because you can let your mind wander while your hands are busy.
    I think the variegated yarn is a brilliant idea, the same effect but no ends to sew in!

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