Wire-wrapping Wrinkles

Wire-wrapping The Three Muses

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Wire-wrapping. It is never a straightforward process for me – but of course this is why I enjoy it!

A few months back, I ordered some resin cabochons. I decided to wrap The Three Muses. Wrapping the resin cabochon was a little disconcerting because it is so light-weight compared to the stone cabochons. Given that I still often feel that wire-wrapping is much like herding cats, I opted for a weave that I’ve used often. I don’t know that these weaves have any official names, but I tend to think of this one as the “pyramid weave.”

Wire-wrapping The Three MusesWire-wrapping The Three Muses

I opted to add some beads to one side. I like that addition, but I am not done with the wrap. I don’t know what I am going to do next. I just feel it needs more. I’ve left two wires unused in case I need them for whatever comes next.

While I let my subconscious work on the wrap of The Three Muses, I decided to start a new wrap. I chose this lovely Fossil Snail Turritella Agate:

Fossil Snail Turritella Agate Cabochon

Turritella is a genus of sea snail with tightly coiled shells. And although the fossils in these agates are actually due fresh water snails, they were initially misidentified as the Turritella genus, and the name has stuck. (The correct name is Elimia.)

I am trying a weave that is new to me. I call this one the “tree weave.” It’s not bad for a first attempt, but I see some wraps that could be better.

Wire-weaving Bijoubeadboutique

And now I’m off to crochet!

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