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In my last post about the wire-wrapping of The Three Muses, I was debating about whether or not the pendant was finished.

Wire-wrapping The Three Muses

The thing about wire-wrapping is that while it’s hard getting started, it’s easy to keep going. I’ve admired some truly magnificent pieces in which the artisan added a significant number of layers to create a masterpiece. I’ve also seen some pendants that I found more fascinating than magnificent, thinking that the artisan had gone past the Goldilocks point, and wondering if it would be too heavy to wear comfortably. This piece is by no means complex, and I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but my husband and my friend, Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict, both told me I should stop. Sarah said, “It has a wonderful harmony as it is right now.”

And so I did.

With that decision made, I decided to antique it:

This afternoon, we went to visit my mom. Eventually, I got around to showing the pendant to her. She said, “I’ve always loved wedgewood.” I knew she was referring to the color of blue in the cabochon, but I had little other reference for the term wedgewood, but set that question aside for later. Instead I asked her if she would like the pendant. She quickly agreed. And so that pendant got a new home right away. I just need to put it on a chain for her. I couldn’t be more pleased!

When I got home, I looked up wedgewood. I imagine many of you already know, but for those in the dark like me, Wedgewood was a company founded by a potter by the name of Josiah Wedgewood. The company made fine china in this particular shade of blue. It became known as Wedgewood blue.

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  1. I’m like your mum, I love Wedgewood pottery. It’s pretty well known here in the UK. We live about an hours drive south of Stoke on Trent or “the potteries” which is where lots of pottery companies were based in the past including the Wedgewood factory. My nan had a vase, and a little trinket dish that I remember well.
    Your pendant is very pretty, your mum is very lucky!

  2. It’s just beautiful, Michelle, and I love that your mom now has it! The antiquing really added to the piece.

    1. Thank you! It’s funny, when the copper is still gleaming, a lot of people don’t understand why I would antique a piece. Besides the fact that it will eventually antique itself over time, it really does so much to show the pattern in the wire.

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