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On the crochet front, I’ve been enjoying making a baby afghan. The pattern is simple enough that it’s allowed me to confidently jump back into crocheting after a 25 year hiatus. But then….. this happened:

Crocheted baby blanket in progress

It is far from complete, and I’m nearly out of yarn. Not certain where my error was. Misreading the amount of yarn on this huge ball that I got on sale? My calculations in adapting a a full size afghan to baby sized? The afghan was meant to be 36” x 36”. It is currently 44” x 28”. I am trying to figure out if I frogged it, and reduced the length to the original 36” square that I intended, if the yarn would then be adequate? Or will I still be short? Decisions, decisions. Suggestions welcome!


I have been attempting to wrap this turitella stone:

Fossil Snail Turritella Agate Cabochon

I love the little snail shell captured within it. But I have had one problem after another.

In my first attempt, I wound up with this blue goldstone pendant.

Blue goldstone wire woven pendant

How did that happen? When the bezel (frame) was complete, it turned out to be a tiny bit too big for the turitella cabochon. But the blue goldstone was a perfect fit. I realize that having to change directions mid-project isn’t exactly a failure. It’s just a failure in regard to my original vision, and because of that, it didn’t feel exactly like a win.

But wait, it gets worse:

Wire weaving fail

When wrapping a cabochon (as opposed to a bead) part of challenge is in making the stone secure while also making the back as pretty as possible. I thought I had struck on an ingenious method to help achieve this. Nope! Instead it made the stone sit wonky in the bezel. Nothing to do, but try again.

This time I watched a YouTube video, which introduced me to a completely new technique. I decided to try it, despite the fact that my cabochon was larger and of a different shape than the stone used in the video. After all, the principles would all be the same, right?

Wire weaving fail

It went off the rails, and I decided I needed to just stop completely and regroup. I’m going to set this turitella  stone aside for a bit…..

Hope your creative week is going better than mine!

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  1. I went and ordered more yarn and I haven’t a clue what all I will be making out of it and now I hope that whatever I make it will be enough as it was on sale and I probably would not be able to find it in a year or two when I would need extra!

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