Upcycled Spice Rack

Upcycled Spice Rack

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My mom gave me a this spice rack as a house warming gift back in 2013. I loved it! It was both attractive and highly functional. So how did it get into the dusty, bedraggled state in the picture?

Upcycled Spice Rack

First, I’m not near the cook my mom is. I can cook and occasionally even enjoy it, but it’s not “my thing.” The spices were not getting used fast enough. Their potency was fading with each passing day. Then in 2016, I got married and moved halfway across country, and the spice rack went into storage.

It was freed from storage sometime in 2017 or 2018. I knew I needed throw out all of those decrepit herbs and spices. Replace them? No. The new spices would suffer the same fate as the old ones – not getting used fast enough. Also, my husband and I live in 578 square foot condo, and our kitchen is small. The spice rack took up space we couldn’t spare.

I decided to use it for bead storage:

Upcycled Spice Rack

Upcycled Spice Rack

It doesn’t begin to make a dent in the number of beads I have, but it is pretty. I keep it on the table next to where I work. I find it inspiring.

Upcycled Spice Rack

Using the spice rack for my beads made me think about other uses for it:

-Quilting / sewing supplies – needles, pins, bobbins, buttons, tape measure
-Crafting supplies – glitter, sequins, charms, small stickers
-Other jewelry making supplies – crimp beads, crimp covers, clasps, ear wires
-Wire-wrapping – cabochons
-Miscellaneous – screws, nails, picture hangers

Although this wasn’t quite what my mom intended for her gift, I am elated I found another way to use it.

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  1. Great idea! I did think it would make great storage for glitter (especially since most of those spice bottles have tops with little holes for shaking).

  2. Okay, when I scrolled through, I actually said out loud in My Wee Abode, “Oh SOOO smart!” Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Turn About… hope to see you each week!

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