In September, my husband and I will have officially been retired for one year. We were fortunate enough to retire earlier than we’d planned due to some positive financial events. And although neither of us despised our jobs, my husband got to noticing that he had friends and acquaintances his age that were suddenly getting very sick or dying. Whether you want it to or not, this begs the question: how much time do I have left? We decided retirement was in order.

While of course, one immediately appreciates not having to live by an alarm clock, and having lots more time for pleasurable pursuits, there are less obvious changes too. I started examining my boundaries – boundaries created in order to fit the definition of “responsible adult.” While I’ve never been one who concerned herself overly much about what other people think, I find that there are things I am willing to undertake now that “responsible adult” me might not have been too keen on.

I also have to give credit to my husband of three years for being a good influence. He is really laid back. And while his former career as an airline pilot was a very responsible position, I’m not sure “responsible adult” was ever something that plagued him when he was off the clock. This is not to say he is irresponsible in any way. It is more that he has a better grasp of what is actually necessary and meaningful.

So whereas “responsible adult” me might have hesitated, retired me is able to channel her inner child and jump in with both feet, decorating our car with flower and peace sign decals.

Decorated Mini Cooper S

Or more accurately, channel my inner hippie.

Decorated Mini Cooper S

Since the Mini Cooper was originally a British design (Mini is currently owned by BMW), we added references to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Dr. Who in addition to our flowers and peace signs.

Decorated Mini Cooper S

The blue wheels and British flag mirror caps is where we started.

Decorated Mini Cooper S

I love the whimsy of it! I smile every time I see the car.

I also notice my taste in clothes is changing too, but that’s a post for another day….


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