Blue Goldstone Pendant

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

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Every time I start a new wire-wrapped pendant, I vow to take photos of the process. But I’m going to have to get better at knowing what I am doing, because currently I end up undoing weaves, changing direction, trying another strategy, and generally just fiddling with it until it reaches the point of being done. I’m not quite sure how to cohesively show that journey. I will keep trying!

My newest finished pendant uses a blue goldstone cabochon. None of the photos do its glittery sparkle justice. I added some beads into part of the weave. That was a new technique for me.

Blue goldstone wire woven pendant

Next, I antiqued the pendant. I was surprised when the copper beads did not antique. You can buy non-tarnish copper beads – they have a special coating – but I didn’t realize I had purchased any. Surprise! I could easily replace them since they are not part of the weave, but I decided I like them.

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

As it happens, I had some blue goldstone beads, so I decided to go ahead and make the necklace for it.

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

I used a magnetic clasp.

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

I’m trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it. It does look nice with this dress…..

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

I originally started learning to make jewelry because I could never find any pieces I liked….

Wire wrapped blue goldstone pendant

I like this one!


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  1. Wow, the weaving and wrapping is really intricate. What a beautiful finished pendant! I’m just starting with some jewelry and I imagine I’ll be doing the same as you–doing and undoing. Thanks for sharing!

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