4th of July on the 5th

Lake Las Vegas fireworks 2019

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My husband and I live in the resort community of Lake Las Vegas. Lake Las Vegas is a man-made lake that sits just a bit upstream from Lake Mead. As a significantly sized body of water in the desert, the area draws a healthy number of people on summer weekends, especially as the Lake Las Vegas Master Association and the businesses here arrange wonderful events every weekend. This past weekend, it was an Independence Day celebration on Friday, July 5th.

Part of the celebration included offering the opportunity to watch the show from the water. My husband, Dan, and I rented a 2 person kayak. It really was a fun and unique experience. Some pics and video below.

Lake Las Vegas fireworks 2019

Lake Las Vegas fireworks 2019


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    1. It was definitely a new experience in fireworks watching! Thanks for stopping by. Also, I appreciate that you left your link. I always like to reciprocate and you’ve made that easy.

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