Brecciated Jasper Wrapped in Copper

Brecciated Jasper Wrapped in Copper

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Every time I choose a cabochon I wonder if I am going to be able to do it justice. This is an especially pretty jasper stone. I chose it because I wanted to try adding seed beads to the weave. I have some cream colored matte finish seeds beads that I thought would work well with the earth tones in the brecciated jasper. Was I right?

Brecciated jasper wrapped in copper

Wire wrapping still feels a lot like herding cats. I have so much to learn.

Brecciated Jasper Wrapped in Copper

The back:

Brecciated Jasper Wrapped in Copper

I would really like to learn to make the backs look better.


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  1. I am wondering what made you stop quilting and turn to beading? Just that you downsized and live in a smaller space?

    1. That is the primary reason at this point. After my dad died and the responsibility of my grandparents (his parents) fell to my mom & I, I lost my desire to create anything. It took a long time for the desire to return. When it did, I was living in this small space (which I love) that isn’t big enough to do quilting. No room for a machine or fabric storage. So, I decided to try something else. But my mom, who lives 10 minutes from me, still has a complete quilting setting up, so I am not ruling quilting our completely. It’s been niggling my mind that I could do some small projects by hand….

    1. Thank you! I’m guesstimating around 4 hours – unless I I take it apart and start over. I’m still pretty new at it, so things rarely go smoothly.

  2. I think it came out good but you know what they say, practice makes perfect. Is this hard to get into? I thought about making jewelry but never did it because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to learn or make. Thanks for sharing with us at #OMGHWW

    1. I learned how to make beaded jewelry before I tried wire wrapping, but it wouldn’t be necessary. There are a few skills that transfer over. YouTube has lots of videos on making jewelry and wire wrapping. It’s how I learned. There are also wire wrapping FB groups which can be helpful.

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