California Highway 1 Photo Essay

Pacific Ocean

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When our weekend at the motorcycle races was finished Sunday afternoon, Dan and I headed down the Pacific Coast Highway. We drove from Monterey to San Luis Obispo.

Monterey Bay Lodge, Monterey California

I especially enjoyed the geranium flower boxes on the second floor of our motel – Monterey Bay Lodge.

Pacific Ocean, California Hwy 1

Pacific Ocean, California Hwy 1

Highway 1 is two lanes of twisty up and down. It’s a challenge to drive, but fortunately, Dan likes challenging roads. There is one stoplight on the highway. The light is where the road is currently just one lane. Mother Nature shoved lane number 2 into the sea at some point. A repair like that takes a long time to engineer.

Pacific Ocean, California Hwy 1
Did I mention the breathtaking views?

Redwoods - Big Sur, California

Redwoods in Big Sur.

California Highway 1

Beautiful covered bridge.

Soon after that, the road turned inland for a bit, and when it returned to the sea, the fog had rolled in.


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    1. Monterey really is! I love the desert (I live in a Las Vegas suburb), but I wish i could afford to live there part of the time.

    1. I have been fortunate to be able to take that drive several times in the last few years. It never gets old.

  1. Michelle – PCH is a road from heaven. I laughed at your description of nature having shoved one lane of the road into the sea. Very apt. Thanks for sharing these inspiring pictures with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

    1. Thanks Angie! I’m so glad you have experienced PCH too! I feel inspired every time we get the opportunity to take it.

  2. That’s a beautiful drive. Last month we visited Limekiln State Park, couple miles north of Fergusson-Naciemento Road. It was first time I saw the tunnel.Gosh is that a stunning design. Next time I’ll be ready to take a photo of it. You had a beautiful day.

    1. Isn’t that tunnel design amazing? I was lucky. I already had my phone camera at the ready when we came upon it.

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