Geologic epochs

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My husband, Dan, and I decided to attend the event, Minis in the Mountains – Minis meaning Mini Coopers:

Decorated Mini Cooper S

The event was held in Salida, Colorado. When you get to be our age – 55 and 63 respectively – you have taken enough road trips that it’s difficult to find a route that you haven’t taken before. But we found a stretch that was new to us. These were taken on Highway 89 north out of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Geologic epochs

Geologic epochs

Life is art!


More on Minis in the Mountains to follow. This was a fun trip!


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    1. We have talked about the Dragon. Long drive from Las Vegas, but we may get around and do it. We have been invited to Minis Meets the West in Victoria British Columbia next June also. So many Mini enthusiasts everywhere! In any case, I am going to follow your blog. (I use Feedly for following.) 😃

  1. A lot of geology going on in those mountains! I don’t understand it all, but beautiful to behold. I’ve never driven a mini, but I’ll bet they are fun to drive.

    1. The geology gets really crazy doesn’t it? I would have to say that this Mini is one of the best cars I have ever driven. Cute and comfortable, but with a ton of power. Drives like a sports car.

  2. Michelle – those mountains almost don’t look real – they remind me of sand art made by elementary kids! Amazing geology. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  3. This is perfect for Nature Notes. I don’t have anything like these mountains in my area. Beautiful and nice to take a road trip. Ours are now going to see the grandkids about 5 hours away and through the mountains in PA. Thank you for linking in… Michelle

  4. Hi Michelle….Welcome to Nature Notes..I love seeing different parts of the country and the world as I learn so much from other bloggers and make new friends. These mountains are so interesting in their layers of rock. ..Michelle

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