Art Elements July 2019 Challenge – Flowers

Art Elements Challenge - Flowers

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When the subject for this month’s Art Elements Challenge was announced – flowers – I was really excited. I love flowers! With this topic, I was in my happy place. Alas, the joke was on me. My husband and I have been out of town 10 days this month, and the days around the July 4th holiday were busy, but not with any kind of jewelry-making. Knowing I was going to be gone, I got started right away, but…..

I got only one proto-type set of flower earrings made:

Art Elements Challenge - Flowers

These were my first attempt at applying wire-weaving to a set of earrings.

Art Elements Challenge - Flowers

I like the structure, but I struggled with how to get my various loops symmetrical on both earrings. I sat them aside hoping a solution would come to me, and then I went on vacation. I soon realized, there would be no easy answer. Like so many other things in this life, it would just come down to practice.

Despite these being a prototype, I went ahead and antiqued them:

Art Elements Challenge - Flowers

These will go into my pile of not quite good enough pieces until I’m ready to redo them. But that’s the point of these Art Element challenges – to take yourself out of your comfort zone and stretch your abilities. Awesome!

To see the work of other talented artists and artisans, click here. Inspiration abounds!


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  1. are the earrings heavy? they kind of look it but I’m wondering if maybe the stones aren’t smaller than they appear? pretty design I think

    1. Thanks so much! The earrings are actually pretty light. The flower beads are made of resin, I think. Anyway, not stone.

  2. Your wire wrapping is wonderful. I think you are being too critical of your earrings. I think they are really pretty. I love the flowers and wrapping. Well done!

  3. The earrings are very pretty and perfect for summer! I feel your struggle, I had even given up on earrings because I was so obsessed with making them exactly the same.
    Lately I have been exploring the fun of slightly asymmetrical earrings, not because I can’t do them right, but doing it on purpose and still trying to making them pleasing to the eye.

    I’m sure you’ll have big fun with wire woven earrings, too, the possibilities are endless if you don’t limit yourself 😀

    1. Thanks so much, Cat! I’ve experimented with asymmetrical earrings in other mediums and really like them. I’ll have to try that with wire.

  4. “Not quite good enough”!? I can’t even imagine the work that went into these. I hate that you only see your flaws, but I think they’re awesome. What a great way to use the inspiration and work on a new skill at the same time. Fabulous!

  5. Oh I think they are good enough! What a great way to make Czech flowers fab and upscale! And you said this was the first time wire weaving – never would have guessed that! Thank you for joining us – I do hope you remove these from banishment in the “seconds” pile.

  6. I love the Czech flowers, I’m actually kind of obsessed with them, and your wirework is fantastic! I can’t do that to save my life!

  7. Your wire woven frames around the Czech flowers makes for a gorgeous and unique earring design. Your wire skills are amazing. Getting mirror-image symmetry is a challenge I have yet to overcome. I don’t think earrings need to be perfectly symmetrical – there’s a whole face between them making it difficult to tell whether the loops are exactly the same. LOL

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