Shark Tooth Under Glass

Shark tooth under glass

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While I love making multi strand necklaces and wire-woven pendants, a gift should take into account the recipient’s style and interests. In terms of handcrafted gifts, I tend to view gifts as a bridge between my craft and the recipient’s personal tastes. And that brings me to my eldest step-daughter, Emily…..

Emily loves sharks. Last April when we were in Austin, I found a cute little bead shop with a variety of interesting items, above and beyond, the usual array of beads. Coins, buttons, cabochons, bone beads, and a small bowl full of shark teeth. I didn’t hesitate. One of those shark teeth came home with me.

I held onto the tooth for awhile trying to decide what to do with it. Honestly, while Emily can do dressed up and feminine very well, she is far more likely to be wearing clothing appropriate to jumping on her motorcycle and riding (she is her father’s daughter). I have never seen Emily wear much jewelry. But in all fairness, we usually see one another at motorcycle races.

I decided to make a simple necklace. First I ordered a this half globe set:

Jewelry component - glass half sphere

Honestly, there are many things you could put in this half globe – some favorite beads, a lock of hair, small shells or pebbles, and yes, a shark tooth. I chose the antique brass, because I thought the shark tooth would look nice against the dark background. The set is composed of two separate parts – the brass back and the glass half sphere, which can then be glued together. First, lay the backing on a flat surface. Put the item you wish to display on the backing piece – in my case the shark tooth.

Then with the ever handy E6000 glue, glue the glass half sphere to the back.

E6000 Craft Adhesive, 3.7 Fluid Ounces


Shark tooth under glass

I added an antique brass chain and a magnetic clasp to complete the necklace.

Shark tooth under glass


I gave the necklace to Emily when I saw her at the motorcycle races at Laguna-Seca. She seemed genuinely pleased, then promptly tucked it away in a safe place. The smile on her face was enough.


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  1. that is so neat – that is more the type of jewelry I would wear – I’m not a jewelry wearing and plain and simple is what a lot like. So neat of you to think of what her taste would be

  2. Great inspiration for all kinds of uses for this pendant globe, Michelle! So glad to have you at Tuesday Turn About!

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