How Many WIPs Do You Have?

Hoffman Panel “Skylines”

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How Many WIPs Do You Have?

Back when my only hobby was quilting, I used to have a lot of WIPs (work in progress), because I was a lot better at starting new projects than finishing (although as I became more proficient in machine quilting, it was less of problem). I don’t have the space in my condo to quilt like I used to, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating WIPs. I currently have three primary WIPs.

WIP #1 – Wire Wrapped Cabochon

Wire Wrapped Octopus Cabochon

Wire Wrapped Octopus Cabochon

This project is being made for the August Art Elements Challenge. The theme is octopuses. I was just lucky to have picked up this resin octopus cabochon a few months ago when it was on sale for a couple of bucks. Otherwise, I’d be stumped. No clear idea at this point, whether I am just going to remove the extra wires or try to use them to further enhance the octopus.

WIP #2 – Crocheted Bolero

Crocheted Bolero

Crocheted Bolero

If this looks familiar, it’s because I’ve blogged about it before. But when I was at this point last time, the bolero was too small. I frogged it all and started over. I made it a size larger, and now it fits. I’m just down to making the sleeves, and putting on a clasp.

I’m using this pattern by Jessica Cooper. Here is what the bolero is supposed to look like when finished:

Savy Shrug by Jessica Cooper

WIP #3 – Quilt Panel

Hoffman Panel “Skylines”

I have been trying to remember where I got this panel. I think I bought it at the Material Girls quilt shop in Wichita, KS. If so, that’s been at least 4 years ago. I ran across it the other day when I was reorganizing my beads. Soon after we moved into our condo, I began hand quilting it. But I was still working on my Masters degree, which required a lot of time. I stuck it in the bottom of a cabinet and forgot about it. I’m not sure what it’s going to grow up to be. I intended it to be a wallhanging, but Dan and I have filled all the premium wall space in the condo. It’s going to take me awhile to quilt it, so I have time to decide. The panel is a Hoffman called “Skylines.”

So tell me about your WIPs!

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  1. Ah Michelle you have a lot going on! Now me I just work on a couple at a time – right? LOL – ok let’s see what do I have going on -one quilt on the hand quilting frame and one in the basket waiting to be quilted – but soon to join that basket is a wall hanging that needs one little thing fixed. Then the tops in progress – 6 I think – and 2 quilt tops that are in the UFO pile – well I ever get back to them? I’m not sure – I also have one quilt top that I started to quilt in the hoop but decided to put it back in the to be quilted pile for the frame instead. I also have one crocheted blanket in progress – I think that is everything!! I wonder though if I forgot something?

  2. Your WIP’s just show how versatile you are. I have a few of my own that I need to finish up this fall. That is a good goal – let’s see what I finish!

  3. The stained glass fabric below your crocheted bolero would be a fabulous quilt. I’ve tried to work on a paper pieced design for that with no luck. I’m curious about the octopus and what it will turn into. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down

  4. That’s a lot of project and each one is so unique and different – love that. Sometimes everyone needs a break from one and we start another right? Thanks for sharing.

  5. I always have too may wips, whenever I manage to finish one I already seem to have a few more lined up…
    Thank you for for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

  6. As you know I just wrote a post on WIP-s as well. Seems like I am also a lot better at starting new projects than finishing them. Both of us like to work on different things. Your wip-s are amazing!! I look forward to seeing them progress.


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