Art Elements Challenge – Octopuses

Handcrafted Octopus Necklace

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Art Elements Challenge

I began following the Art Elements blog a few months back. The blog is maintained by a number of artists sharing their various talents. Drawing, painting, clay, beads, jewelry, fiber arts – it runs the gamut. It’s a good place to visit when seeking inspiration.

The artists do a monthly challenge, and anyone can participate. This month’s Art Elements challenge is octopuses. Ordinarily, I would have been stumped, but I happened to have a resin cabochon featuring an octopus that I picked up on sale (along with some others). If I recall correctly, the octopus cab was a dollar. I wasn’t certain what I was going to do with it, but it tickled me. Then the octopus challenge was announced. Happy day!

Resin Cameos

Wire-Wrapped Octopus Cabochon

Handcrafted Octopus Necklace

The first decision was which wire weave pattern to use. I chose the one commonly known as “wheat” hoping it might resemble seaweed. The foundation wire is 20 gauge stainless steel. I love stainless steel for its color and the fact that it doesn’t tarnish. The weaving wire is 28 gauge jeweler’s brass. It is tarnish resistant.

I approached the weave differently than I have in the past. Rather than weave one long set of wires, I used two shorter sets. This gave me the opportunity to create and use two bails. The two beads on each end are gold-filled.

The Necklace

Wire-wrapped Octopus Necklace

Wire-wrapped Octopus Necklace

I kept the necklace design really simple so as not to take away from the focal piece. The necklace is composed of black glass beads and brass beads in an alternating pattern. The bead covers and jump rings are gold-filled. I used a magnetic clasp. (I always use magnetic clasps on necklaces.)

Wire-wrapped Octopus Necklace


I really enjoyed these art challenges. They push me to try something new by setting a theme. This is my 3rd challenge. And it is wonderful to see how everyone else interprets the theme in their respective art forms.

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  1. Miichelle this is so beautiful. I love the octopus but also how you have wrapped the wire around to give it a classical sort of feel. It reminds me of the ancient Greek patterns I see in museums. Beautifully done.

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