Crocheted Bolero Complete

Crocheted bolero

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Picking A Pattern

Thirty ears ago, I was into crocheting, but I only ever made flat things – afghans and scarves. When I picked it up again this time, I started with a baby afghan. Flat, easy. (Except I had to completely rip it out and start over, but that’s another story). While working on the baby afghan, I found this pattern for a crocheted bolero:

Savy Shrug by Jessica Cooper

The construction of this crocheted bolero seemed simple enough, and the primary stitch was a double crochet. It looked like a good place to start making 3D items.

The Construction

The pattern was easy to follow – great for a returning newbie like me. (I have blogged about this project previously here and here.) That said when I got to the point that I could try it on, I discovered I needed to go up a size.

Crocheted Bolero

So I frogged the entire thing and started over. Knowing what I was doing, it went together a lot faster this time.

Crocheted bolero

I made it to go with this dress:

Crocheted bolero

Here is my solution to the bottom clasp:

Crocheted bolero


I love the way the bolero looks with the dress. However, my mannequin, Daisy, is not as busty as I am. When I put on the bolero, although it fits, hooking it at the bottom causes the sides of the bolero to gap up by the shoulders. I think adding extra hooks up a bit higher or perhaps getting some ribbon and lacing the first few inches from the bottom may fix that. Hitting Joanne’s tomorrow, so I’ll pick up some ribbon. Of course, it doesn’t have to be hooked together at all.

In any case, I feel like my first 3D crochet project was a success. It’s finished, it fits. These little kinks can be worked out.

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  1. it looks good!! the little hook at the bottom is really nice too. You know I made a sweater and I liked it over all except the neckline but I think I will find a mock turtle neck tank to put under it and then it will be ok

  2. Love the color of the bolero and am eager to make me one! I also love the look of what you closed it with- is that from Jo Ann too? The dress is perfect for it! Did you make it to? Is so, please include pattern number.

    1. Thanks so much! I also make jewelry, so the items I used to make the clasp are things I already had. But I am sure you could find something suitable at Joann’s. Joanns, Michaels, and Etsy are my usual go-tos for jewelry making items. As for the dress, I got it on Amazon. It’s very loose and flowy. I bought it last year. While they aren’t showing the green version of the dress now, here is the link:

  3. Very pretty and love the color! I need one of those clasps for a sweater in my closet. Thanks for sharing your crocheted bolero with us at the Talk Of The Town Party! Pinned to my knit/crochet board 🙂

    1. Picking up crochet again was less difficult than I thought it would be. While not an issue with this pattern, there was a washcloth I recently made in which the pattern called for stitches I didn’t know. Googled it, and a YouTube video demonstrating how to do it popped up. 30 years ago, this resource wasn’t available. Since it is, I have more confidence about trying new things.

  4. It looks lovely – well done! I’ve never tried crochet before but it does sound quite fun to do! #thatfridaylinky

  5. What a beautiful bolero, perfect for this time of year! Thank you for sharing your experience making it, Michelle, as well as the lovely results! I’m featuring this post at the Hearth and Soul Link Party tomorrow. Hope to ‘see’ you there!

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