Mini Coopers Over the Hogback

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

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In late July, Dan and I attended a meetup of Mini Coopers in Salida, Colorado called Minis in the Mountains. I previously posted about elements of the trip here and here. Today, I want to share our drive into Cañon City. Interestingly, there is a perfectly reasonable route into the city – an exit off the main highway. But that is not how we got there.

No, we took the hogback.

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

The hogback is a single lane road up and over a…., hill or small mountain. Fortunately, it’s a one way road. So all the Mini Coopers lined up nose to tail and over the top we went.

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

I made the comment to Dan that there was absolutely no utilitarian reason for this road to exist given that there was a much easier route into Cañon City. It was totally whimsical. Dan replied, “Maybe this is an indicator as to why Colorado was the first state to totally legalize pot.” That made me giggle.

The views were outstanding! To our left:

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

To our right:

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

We went on a number of interesting drives during our time in Salida, but for me this one was the most memorable. The land, the sky…., it’s all breathtakingly beautiful.

Hogback into Cañon City, CO

There is one more part to this trip – Mini Coopers over Royal Gorge. But that’s a post for another day.


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  1. Amazing shots!! Love the captures of all the Minis lined up along the narrow road up on the mountain. When ever I see Minis lined up, I think of that movie “The Italian Job”.

    1. Thank you! Cool that you mention the Italian Job. The event organizers arranged for it to be shown at the drive in movie theatre one evening while we were all there. 😄

  2. What amazing views, definitely the right route to take. On another note, I live a stone’s throw away from Where the Austin Rover Car Plant used to be (I remember it as a child and my Dad worked there as well as my two older brother’s) Austin Rover produced the first mini cars until the design was taken over by BMW.

    1. Thank you! Austin Rover Car Plant – how very cool! It’s interesting about which car manufacturers own what now. BMW owns Minnie; Fiat owns Dodge. The Fiat Spider is hybrid of Japanese (think Mazda Miata) and Italian technology.

  3. I live in an area of Colorado that is between a hogback mountain and the foothills, so I enjoyed seeing your drive over the hogback you traveled on in Salida! Our higback has no roads over it, but there is a cut made by a creek which allows a road to be built next to the creek to travel through it.

  4. Michelle – life is too short to take the OBVIOUS route. Especially if driving a whimsical car like a Mini! Wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing with everyone at Mosaic Monday.

  5. Will be home soon for a visit and your post just increased the excitement. So looking forward to out stop ay Great Sand Dunes on the way to visit family Thank yoy!!!

  6. Michelle you had me at mini coopers. I can only imagine the thrill of driving this fun car around in such a beautiful place such as this.

  7. I think the only reason the road exists is for the gorgeous views. It reminded of the first Disney Cars movie. There is a scene that talks about the highways and the small roads. I am so glad you took this road and shared the photos with us.
    So sorry for the delayed visit, prepping for the house move is taking up a lot of time and energy 🙂

    Thank You SO much for linking up on Wandering Camera!

    1. No worries on the delay! I know you have to be swamped with things to do. And I like that – that the reason for the road is the gorgeous views.

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