Bunny Tracks Baby Blanket

Bunny Tracks Baby Blanket

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When I completed the last baby afghan, I was eager to start another. For this, I needed a new pattern. And I needed a pattern in which I could use the DK yarn I had purchased for another project. (More on this in a minute.) With this criteria in mind, I was off to Pinterest. After a couple evenings of searching – I can get so distracted with all the fun things in Pinterest – I found the Rabbit Tracks Baby Blanket by Olga Poltava. (Hmmm. I could have sworn it was named the Bunny Tracks Baby Blanket. Oh well, I’m keeping the name Bunny Tracks Baby Blanket for my version of the pattern.)

Bunny Tracks Baby Blanket

Isn’t it cute?

I’m using Lion Brand Cupcakes DK yarn called Forest Path. It’s so peaceful. I had originally purchased this yarn to crochet a tunic. But then I realized the tunic pattern isn’t made in the round. If I’d used this yarn the tunic would have come out with a lot of mis-matched striping.

The pattern is pretty straightforward. It’s all double-crochet except for the times you chain one instead to create the bunny feet. A great pattern for those new to crochet, like me.

Olga Poltava’s site contains a lot of beautiful crocheted items. I encourage you to give it a look. Her work is inspiring.

This baby blanket, along with the Cosy Stripe Baby Afghan, will be donated to the Linus Project. I recently discovered that Linus Project’s greatest need, at least in our area, is for throw sized blankets for older children. Therefore, I intend to crochet a throw size afghan for my next blanket project.

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Lion Brand Yarns:

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