Mini Coopers Over Royal Gorge

Minis Over Royal Gorge

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Towards the end of July, Dan & I went to a Mini Cooper meetup in Salida, Colorado. I have previously blogged about a couple of our adventures: Mini Coopers at Bishop Castle, and Mini Coopers over the hogback. There was a 3rd outing. We all went to Royal Gorge.

This jaunt required that we awaken at the crack of dark so that we could meet up with the other Minis, and hit the road at 6AM. Why so early? The park rangers at Royal Gorge opened early, and allowed us to drive across the bridge!

Mini Coopers at Royal Gorge

Honestly, I found the drive across the bridge (and back) a bit unnerving. The bridge itself seemed very secure, but the wooden planks were creaky. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Logically, I knew we were fine, but the lizard part of my brain disagreed. I was glad when we were safely back at the parking lot.

Mini Coopers at Royal Gorge

By this time, the park was ready to open for business. We walked down towards the viewing area.

Royal Gorge, Colorado

We found this pretty clock / calendar surrounded by pretty beds of flowers.

Royal Gorge, Colorado

We had a beautiful view of the bridge from here:

Royal Gorge, Colorado


We also had a good view of the sky cars that take tourists out over the gorge. That thought caused my neck hair to stand on end again.

Royal Gorge, skyway

Another look at the bridge:

Royal Gorge, Colorado

Here is the view down into the gorge. That is the Arkansas River at the bottom.

Royal Gorge, Colorado

It is very impressive!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our constant companion through much of the drive to Royal Gorge – the Arkansas River. It’s beautiful.

Arkansas River in Colorado

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  1. Michelle – how wonderful that the ranger opened it early so that you could all go across at one time! What a sight! I get you with the creaky planks – we hike across many a wooden bridge, and I always wonder when one of the planks is going to give way so that I find myself hanging from my armpits. I am OK with heights as long as I don’t look down, so I suppose there would not be much point for me to go into one of those gondolas! Thanks for sharing your latest Mini adventure with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

    1. It really was cool that they opened the bridge early. And the canyon is pretty impressive, but I much preferred to look at from a more solid vantage point. Thanks for stopping by, Angie!

    1. I don’t know Bill. There were so many, and I’m not good at telling the classic Minis from the BMW Minis. I’ll tell you though, I love my BMW Mini.

      (Just asked my husband, and he said there were a couple of classics. Sadly, people tend to leave the classics at home as they are not as reliable as the BMW Minis.)

  2. Fun activity for your group! We w ere fascinated by the Royal Gorge when we went there — after being Colorado about a million times — it’s kind of a hidden treasure — and it’s great enough it should be at least a state park if not a national monument!

  3. Umm, that is a long way down! Thanks for linking up with us at the #GatheringofFriendsLinkParty 7 pinned!

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