Art Elements Challenge: Foliage

Dyed Kiwi Stone leaf pendant

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When I saw the topic of this month’s Art Elements Challenge, I thought that it would be easy. I have a nice assortment of leaf beads. I even thought I might try creating some Zentangle foliage. But when I sat down with my leaf beads, I just wasn’t that enthused. That had me puzzled for awhile. Then I came across my strand of dyed Kiwi Stone beads, and inspiration struck.

Dyed Kiwi Stone leaf pendant
Dyed Kiwi Stone leaf pendant -back
Dyed Kiwi Stone leaf pendant - side

Do you see a leaf? I hope so.

I am eager to see everyone else’s Art Elements Challenge: Foliage creations!
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  1. I definitely see a leaf and think that it’s a very clever solution, and a beautiful one, too!

    P.S. I thought that it would be easy … that one made me laugh out because it was the same for me!

  2. Michelle, yes, I see the leaf and what a lovely one it is!:). Just FYI, I was ready to leave the page, couldn’t find the comment section, so scrolled way down past ads, etc. and found it!

  3. I love your detail in your wire work (I too thought about some Zentangling for this theme, but did not make time for relaxing and drawing – which I need to just do it!) I can totally see the leaf shape.
    And I too also almost gave up on commenting as well, but then thought to scroll past the ads. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback on the ads. I’ve decided to move all ads to the sidebar. So next month you won’t have to deal with them.

  4. Oh yes, that is most definitely a leaf and it is a lovely one too! It’s hard not to panic when inspiration is nowhere to be found (been there!), but you kept your cool and came up with this beautiful design to save the day. I love the little flower bead up top – that sort of attention to detail can really take a piece from nice to special. This one is special!

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