Bats Over Lake Las Vegas

Sunset Over Lake Las Vegas

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When I went out to admire the sunset, I snapped one photo, and then saw the bats. I love the bats. They are so fast, but they don’t move like birds. Their flying patterns remind me more of butterflies. I decided to try to get a photo.

The photo isn’t great, but I did manage to get one! I was elated.

Bats over Lake Las Vegas

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  1. your place reminds me of my nephews house in Phoenix area – has those baloney and same kind of structure except for two people and two dogs his house is way too big considering no children in the picture nor will there be

  2. In the summer months and into early fall we have little brown bats living under our roof at the cabin on Powell Lake. Our cabin is small too, 420 sq’ with a loft for sleeping. But it’s plenty of room since we have all of the outdoors to enjoy. – Margy

  3. Beautiful sky capture, Michelle! I love the idea of snapping those flying bats! They frequent our balcony during sunset too and some time back, we had one that flew right into our living room, one summer evening, and it gave us a hard time before it figured out its way out into the open. Thanks for sharing your picture and the back story! So glad to see you join our #ww party this week.
    Happy Wednesday and a beautiful rest of the week to you!


    1. That’s the pits about the mosquitoes! I don’t really know where these bats roost, but we are at the edge of the open desert, so probably benefit from being close to their natural habitat.

  4. Michelle, what a fun photo! I love watching the bats when they come out for dinnertime! I don’t get to see them so much in my house now, but my last two homes, I would sit out in the back and watch them at dusk begin their hunting rituals. It always fascinated me! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


  5. I love the bats! We used to live in a house that overlooked some older buildings. We could sit on the porch and watch the bats swarm and go into a chimney. It was very cool to watch. Thanks for linking up with us at the GATHER OF FRIENDS LINK PARTY 9. Pinned

    1. Very cool! I’m not sure where our bats sleep. We are on the edge of the open desert. Lots of large craggy rock formations. I suspect their home is out there, but it’s just a guess.

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