Halloween Wedding

Halloween Wedding

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When I found out my two dear friends, Dorian & Eric, were planning to tie the knot on Halloween, I knew just what I had to do to prepare for this Halloween wedding. Serendipitously, I had recently ordered 15 creepy skeleton cameos from Cameo Jewelry Supply. I chose two – one each for the bride and groom.

Spooky Pink Skeleton Cabochon

Skeleton Groom cabochon

My choices for wire wrapping were copper, brass, or stainless steel. I knew stainless would look best for the bride’s cameo. Stainless steel has much to recommend it as it doesn’t tarnish. But it’s a beast to use for wrapping. Also the oval shape of the cameos vs a guitar pick shape is a bit more difficult to wrap. I was nervous. It took some time, but I finally beat the wrap into submission. I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Halloween Wedding Bride

I tackled the groom’s cabochon next. I used stainless steel for the foundation wire, but wrapped with brass. Given that the brass is more compliant, this wrap was a bit easier.

Halloween Wedding Groom

Dan & I will be traveling to Kansas on Tuesday. I can’t wait to present these pendants to the happy couple.

Halloween Wedding

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  1. Hola !!!
    Un trabajo perfectamente hecho, felicitaciones por esos colgantes tan “terroríficamente” bonitos !!!

  2. Michelle – what an inspired idea! And the end products are spook-tacular! Hope you have a safe journey and a fun time at the wedding! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

    1. Thanks so much, Angie! Unfortunately, the wedding trip is cancelled. The plane we were on had a mechanical issue that was not resolved in the 6 hours we were at the airport. They guesstimated another 3 hours. But even if we had decided to stick it out, we would not arrive at our destination airport until 9 or 10pm, and then had a 2 hour drive ahead of us. Thought about trying for tomorrow, but it’s supposed to snow where we were going. I had no desire to make that 2 hour drive in the snow. Plus, we were traveling with our 7 pound pooch. While he’s a great little traveler, I couldn’t put him through that. I will be mailing these pendants.

  3. They seem a fun couple already choosing Halloween as a wedding day – AND they both must love chocolate. I would love to be there when you present your unique and thoughtful gifts!
    Wren x

    1. Thanks so much Wren! As it turns out, we won’t be attending he wedding after all. Plane had a mechanical, so today was a no go. And if we chose to go tomorrow, he forecast is for snow. The airport is 2 hours from the wedding destination. We did not relish making a 2 hour drive in a snow storm. I will be mailing these pendants.

  4. Woah, these are really spooky! I have a friend who loves this sort of thing, she’s very dark and would love a Halloween wedding!! I’ll have to show her what you’ve been up to.

  5. How clever!!!! They getting married on Halloween reminds me of the lyrics to the 60s song “Spooky” by Classics IV:

    Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you….Spooky!
    If you decide someday to stop this little game that you are playin’
    I’m gonna tell you all what my heart’s been a-dyin’ to be sayin’

    Just like a ghost, you’ve been a-hauntin’ my dreams…..
    So I’ll propose… on Halloween
    Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you….Spooky!

  6. Michelle , these are amazing! I have loved cameos since I was a young child and these creepy ones are so fantastic as I have branched out in my style choices. What a special wedding gift, too. I am sure the bride and groom are going to cherish these pieces forever! Thanks for sharing and linking up.


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