November Art Aspirations

November Art Aspirations

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I’ve been doing these monthly goal posts in an attempt to stay focused. Focus is a good thing! But I’ve realized that I’m not a fan of the word “goal.” In my mind (perhaps incorrectly), the word goal implies failure if a goal remains unmet.  It leaves no room for taking off on a new exciting tangent or finding that you’ve overestimated your time and energy. To me, goals are for things you must get done – paying bills on time, completing work or school assignments by the due date, or otherwise meeting an obligation. It runs contrary to the feeling with which I approach art. Art is adventure, self discovery and self expression. So instead, I offer my November Art Aspirations.

Since my October Creative Goals will play a role in my November Art Aspirations, I will review those first.

October Goals

1. Add three elephant blocks to the growing herd. I didn’t make three blocks. I didn’t make two blocks. I did make one.

The Third Elephant

2. My friends are getting married on Halloween. Although the wedding is not Halloween themed, they love Halloween. So it is my intent to wire-wrap these spooky cabochons, and give it to them when I see them at the wedding.

I did complete the two pendants.

Halloween Wedding

However, we did not make it to the wedding. A broken plane one day and a snowstorm in western Kansas the following day kept us home. I’ll be mailing these on Monday.

3. Create something for the October Art Elements Challenge: Eyes. I did create something…. I took myself well outside my comfort zone, since I don’t draw well. So here it is:

Art Elements Challenge - Eyes

4. Finish the September/October challenge from the Jewelry Artisans Community. The inspiration:

There are flowers enough in the summertime,
More flowers than I can remember—
But none with the purple, gold, and red
That dye the flowers of September!
—Mary Howitt (1799-1888)

I did not finish this yet. I’ve been waiting for inspiration – but I think it has finally arrived. Here is the piece:

Red Sea Glass Wire Wrap

So what are my November Art Aspirations?

1. Make more elephant blocks. (I’ve already started!)

2. Create a necklace from the pendant wire-wrapped for the September-October Jewelry Forum Challenge. (Shown above)

3. Create a necklace for the pendant wire-wrapped for the September Art Elements Challenge: foliage.

Dyed Kiwi Stone leaf pendant

4. Create something for the November Art Elements Challenge: fossils.

5. Begin the November-December Jewelry Forum Challenge: sunshine

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    1. Thanks so much, Deborah! Handcrafted cards is not something I have tried, but I love the artistry that goes into them. And yes, a major season for cards is coming up!

    1. Thanks so much! It was disappointing that we couldn’t be there, but they did do a FB live post so at least I got to see it.

    1. Even busier – I was just reminded by email of another challenge I’d signed up for. Fortunately, it’s not difficult.

  1. Thank you for sharing. Your pendants are amazing. I’m very similar about setting goals. It’s not a term I actively use. I like to look at achievements (which I know come from goals, but somehow I can mentally deal with having done something, rather than the added pressure of feeling that I need to do something) . Great post. #thatfridaylinky

    1. Thanks so much, Ian! I’m glad I’m not the only one with that feeling toward the word “goal.” I also enjoy my achievements, but aspiring to something just doesn’t have the connotation of failure is you don’t achieve whatever it is. I appreciate your comment!

  2. Well, one elephant block is the beginning of the herd! And in addition it looks so lovely, as does the orange foliage! How on earth can somebody have such skilful fingers! Your jewellery items are stunning. Wishing you to fulfil your goals, at least most of them. But first of all – enjoy!

  3. Michelle, I am loving your elephant blocks and that green foliage pendant is absolutely stunning! I have a hard time with setting goals as well for the reasons you stated! But I am a big list maker for things that I need to do. Thanks for sharing your works in progress and joining my link party!


    1. Thanks so much! I also make lists. To-do lists – although I am a better to-do list maker than to-do list doer. 😜 I make lists of my projects and lists of possible blog topics. I do better at completing these lists.

  4. Are you making a quilt? If so, it’s going to be beautiful when you’re finished. I LOOOOOOVE elephants. 🙂

    The green pendant is also very pretty. You are a very talented lady my friend.

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