Art Elements Challenge: Fossils

Art Elements Challenge: Fossils

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When the Art Elements Challenge: Fossils was revealed, I was initially stumped. But then I remembered I actually had a fossil in my possession – a Petoskey Stone cabochon.

Petoskey Stone & Blue Lace Agate

Petoskey Stone & Blue Lace Agate

For those not familiar, a Petoskey stone is a fossil of a coral called Hexagonaria percarinata. They lived in a shallow sea covering the Great Lakes about 350 million years ago. Perfect for the challenge!

The third time I tried to wire wrap this Petoskey stone has proven to be the charm. (I tried to wrap it before here and here.)

Petoskey Stone Wire wrap

Petoskey Stone Wire wrap

The wire wrapping has been antiqued, but I haven’t decided what to do with this pendant, so I’m putting it aside for a bit, but was happy to finally get it wrapped, and to share it here for the Art Elements Challenge: Fossils.

Here are the other participants:

AE Team



Michelle <—— You are here
Evie & Beth

My Bijou Life

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  1. What a beautiful piece and I love the design! I have not done wire wrapping in so long and this pieces makes me want to get all my wires out! Thank you for joining in with this months challenge.

  2. Hey Michelle – wow, it’s gorgeous! I love petosky stone and you did a fantastic job wrapping it. Love it antiqued too!

  3. It’s beautiful, Michelle! I love the wrapping and the accent beads, and I have always been a lover of fossilized corals since one of my very first customers sent me one to make a wire crochet setting for it and then kindly sent me one for myself as I hadn’t seen it before.
    A gorgeous piece!

  4. WOW, that is one pretty stone and your wrapping sets it off perfectly. I love the accent beads along the side. Good choice to antique the wire too! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with it once you decide on that.

  5. The wire work is amazing! I love the accent beads on the perimeter! It was fun going back and seeing your first two attempts and the progress from the first attempt until the final attempt. Gorgeous!

  6. What an intricately woven pendant! Wow. Third time is the charm – so they say! The Petoskey stone is perfect – and was waiting for the right setting! Thank you for joining us!

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